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Dad is enjoying 
 the 'view' of Mom's new bustline...unfortunately, they  are  too  sore  to  touch!  
		-MOVE  AHEAD  1  WEEK-  Breast tenderness is very common. Baby's Birth 
 Benefits game picture Dad is thinking, 
 if Mom is screaming this loud for leg cramps in the middle of the night, he better  bring  earplugs  
		to  the  birth.  -MOVE  AHEAD  1  WEEK-  Possible causes of leg cramps are: A shortage of calcium in the diet or an excess of phosphorus. Phosphorus 
		is found in processed meats and sodas.
When Dad comes 
 back from lunch, there is a message on his voice mail from Mom. She has lost her mucus plug. Dad has 
		called every hardware store in town trying  to  find  a  new  one!  -MOVE  AHEAD  1  WEEK-  When the cervix begins to change, a small mass of mucus is 
		sometimes released. Mom decides to relieve some of the pain of labor by taking a shower, and Dad will go with her...then he starts singing 'Having My Baby'___off key.  
		-PROGRESS 1 CM-  The shower's rhythmic stimulation on the back causes the brain to release endorphins, which are natural pain killers.

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"Who's Having This Baby Anyway?" has been reviewed and selected by LamazeTM International as a leading resource in childbirth and early parenting.

"You can find out all the answers to your pregnancy questions in one entertaining hour by playing  Who's having this baby anyway?"
                              - The New Berlin Citizen

"The game serves as an educational tool and a way to help empower mothers through knowledge."
                             - Wisconsin Woman Magazine

"Expecting parents, school-aged children and grandparents alike can join in the fun and learn about what to expect during pregnancy."
                             - The Boston Parents' Paper

"It explains the wonders, mechanics, and hiccups of pregnancy and childbirth without the pages and pages of reading."
                             - The News-Record

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