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Players start in the conception area (of course), move through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and when "it's time," begin labor. Remember, if you over do it, you have to go back to bed!

The first player to complete the pregnancy and dialate to 10 cm - WINS!- and gets to deliver the baby or babies.

Game Board Squares include 40 weeks of Fetal Development information. 180 Game Cards include educational and humorous topics covering all aspects of pregnancy and labor, along with facts, tips, and helpful information about pregnancy signs and symptoms, help and resource organizations, and options in labor and childbirth.

There are 20 different Babies to be delivered.

A great way for Moms to share their experience with everyone. (And they don't have to spend all that time reading books.)

"Pregnancy and childbirth education has never been this much fun!"

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"Don't just read the books, play the game!"

"Who's Having This Baby Anyway?" has been reviewed and selected by LamazeTM International as a leading resource in childbirth and early parenting.

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Our manufacturer also produces Trivial Pursuit and Mono

As seen on the television show, Friends!
As seen on the tv show,Friends

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